quinta-feira, abril 14, 2016

O papel da estratégia

"more than half of senior executives don’t think they have winning strategies.
Another survey of 500-plus senior executives found 90% believed they were missing major market opportunities, and 80% said company strategies were not well understood internally.[Moi ici: Papel fundamental para um mapa da estratégia: poderosa ferramenta visual de comunicação]
Instead of focusing outside on areas to grow or markets to seize, a company should look to its core and ask:
Who are we going to be? What few capabilities do we have that nobody else has?
 “Shape the future rather than respond to it.”" [Moi ici: Locus de controlo no interior, aposta na concorrência imperfeita]

Trechos retirados de "Successful Companies Strategize To Rise, Become Super Competitors"

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