quinta-feira, abril 14, 2016

"Don’t let algorithms replace leadership"

"True markets create maximum efficiency; they offer buyers the lowest price and sellers the greatest demand , but they also slash search costs for everyone in the process. And that’s really the point of markets: efficiency gains for all.
Make it a network, not just a market. Markets aren’t always the right answer. They work best for interchangeable commodities — soybeans, bonds, car rides. When it comes to hiring an accountant, lawyer, or doctor, price competition probably isn’t the only factor, because high-value services aren’t commodities. So in these industries, don’t build markets. Build networks, ones where people can compare and contrast similar, but not the same , services along multiple dimensions of quality.
Create relationships. The best and most enduring way of minimizing risk is also the oldest and simplest one: Do business with people you’ve come to trust. ... So the most prosperous and viable micromarkets will probably be those that can leverage natural social dynamics to manage risk, lower search costs, and create a better deal for everyone. Relationships beat transactions every time; they’re simply more economical.
Don’t let algorithms replace leadership. In the brave new world of micromarkets, the algorithm is the boss. It issues the orders, tracks performance, and guarantees delivery, quality, and reliability. But let’s admit it: Algorithms don’t make very good bosses.
When an algorithm’s been programmed for brutal efficiency, it’s the job of the wise leader to know when efficiency’s not the right goal. We often think that algorithms can replace leaders. But the truth is the opposite. Algorithms make leaders more necessary. Micromarkets need leaders who can make sure that the algorithm is not only a machine that grinds up human potential  but also a ladder that offers people ways up.
And that’s exactly where micromarkets are most failing today."

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