sexta-feira, dezembro 04, 2015

Acha mesmo que isso da estratégia é treta?

"Companies seeking to further improve their supply chain efficiency will have to continue fighting their old foe – variability – albeit in a set of new clothes.
One emerging way to combat demand variability is to locate (some) manufacturing closer to the customer. By reducing lead times due to shorter delivery routes, inventory and waste in the system can be reduced without sacrificing service levels.
Highly flexible manufacturing goes a step further by moving from a Built-to-Stock to a Built-to-Order system for the most erratic demand pattern."
O MIT escreve isto agora.
Imagine que a sua empresa tinha lido isto em 2011 "Fazer batota", ou isto em 2012 "Hoje, o que diria Ricardo?". Acha mesmo que isso da estratégia é treta?

Trechos retirados de "Expert explains how to improve supply chain efficiency — Thomas Roemer"

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