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Interessante, nestes tempos de Amazon, Mongo cresce

Interessante, nestes tempos de Amazon:
"nationwide, [Moi ici: Nos Estados Unidos] independent bookstores have grown by about twenty per cent since 2009; meanwhile, American craft breweries collectively now sell more than 16.1 million barrels of beer annually, outpacing, for the first time, Budweiser. This isn’t the only evidence that small-scale businesses are making a comeback. Over the last ten years, the long-running decline of small farms has levelled out, and more than three billion dollars was spent last year on more than four thousand independent feature films. Over all, since 1990, small businesses (with, generally, fewer than five hundred employees or less than $7.5 million in annual receipts) have added millions of employees, while big businesses have shed millions."
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"Once upon a time, or in the last century, to be precise, it was an article of faith that most sectors of the economy faced unavoidable domination by a few big players.
The true-differentiation strategy seems to work best when scale, despite its efficiencies, also introduces blind spots in areas such as customer service, flavor, curation, or other intangibles not entirely consistent with mass production and standardization. Where getting big begins to hurt the product, small can be bountiful. [Moi ici: Como Tom Peters escreveu no Twitter uma vez "They are to big to care"]
The economic wedge created by true differentiation is a cause for great optimism, .... It helps to realize the true promise of a free market, in which people have dozens of genuine choices among products that differ in more than just their marketing."

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