domingo, outubro 18, 2020

Um arrepio...

Ao longo dos anos tenho aqui relatado a minha experiência e preocupação com a lentidão da mudança nas empresas portuguesas. Por exemplo, falta de fogo no rabo.

Também por isso receio o efeito dos lay-off: uma pausa que não pressiona as empresas a reformarem-se. Na verdade: Não vai ser nenhum 'lay-off' que as vai preparar para essa transição.

Por isso, assim que ouvi este trecho até me arrepiei:

"The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of business, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the urgent need for companies to transform. In fact, the crisis has underscored that need. Most organizations have already launched rapid measures in response to the situation. The challenge now is to build on these measures and develop longer-term, comprehensive initiatives to reposition the company for the future—which may feel like a permanent state of emergency."

Daqui, "How Transformative CEOs Lead in a Crisis": 

"many companies across industries and geographic markets now need to stabilize revenue, unlock growth through new digital sales channels, and reduce costs. 


Because the pace of change in business has accelerated, companies can no longer spend six months plotting a transformation and then several years implementing it. Instead, companies need to take immediate steps to begin delivering results, send cash to the bottom line, and fund future initiatives.

Top-performing organizations don’t rely on just cost cuts to free up capital—instead, they also improve capital efficiency and deliver quick wins to boost revenue. 


To be clear, cost reductions are often a critical step, but they can never stand alone. Over the long term, revenue growth has a greater impact on transformation success—contributing, on average, nearly half of cumulative value creation after five years.[Moi ici: Ainda na sexta-feira passada tive conversa com empresa que passou pela redução dos custos. E debatemos várias alternativas para aprender com os 4/5 clientes novos que ganharam nos últimos dois anos para perceber como procurar ainda mais clientes para aumentar vendas]


[Moi ici: Outra tema abordado nessa mesma conversa. O meu velho exemplo de Zapatero] New CEOs perform better in transformations. In fact, a new CEO can boost the odds of a successful transformation by 7 percentage points, on average. Why do new CEOs perform better? Because they take an outsider’s view of the business, with no legacy bias, and they are willing to take bold steps to shake up established ways of thinking.

Incumbent CEOs and management teams, therefore, cannot afford to be complacent and maintain the status quo. Instead, they must be somewhat paranoid and continuously take a fresh look at the business. Or, as we say, “If it ain’t broke, fix it anyway.”"


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