terça-feira, julho 30, 2019

Uma lição sobre co-criação, ...

Em 2010 escrevemos "Mais uma sugestão de modelo de negócio" com base numa ideia tida pela primeira vez junto à barragem de Bemposta, enquanto ouvia na rádio as notícias sobre níveis de radioactividade elevados nos países escandinavos (depois descobrir-se-ia Chernobyl, Abril de 1986 portanto).

Em 2014 acrescentamos "O essencial é co-criar à medida de cada um, a sua experiência".

Agora, leio "Flyfishing and kayaking trips help L.L. Bean, Orvis sell more gear and attract more customers". Uma lição sobre co-criação, sobre parcerias, sobre desenvolvimento de experiências:
"It's all there when you arrive. The fishing gear, the boat, the waders, the guide that knows that one secret spot where the trout are sure to bite along the Madison River in Montana's Ruby Valley.
Orvis outdoor apparel and gear company has taken care of all of it — for $3,275. All you have to do is focus on the rhythm of your cast and the cool, clear water moseying by.
This is the vacation experience outdoor retailers and apparel companies are gunning for as they expand beyond merchandise into planning adventure trips and outdoor activity schools.
Education has long been a strategy for finding new customers for outdoor brands, which have offered low cost or even free programs for decades. The majority of vacationers either do no or very few outdoor activities in a given year on their trips, according to a 2018 study by market research company Mintel. Just 16% of people who went on a vacation in the past year did four or more outdoor activities on their trip and just 23% said they purchased equipment for a vacation.
By teaching people how to do new activities, the apparel and gear companies are expanding their customer pool.
"We start from a base of we want people to be interested and learn skills and learn those activities. Of course, once they do those activities, they fall in love with those activities, they become lifelong outdoors people, and then of course they start buying stuff," Smith said. "But it really starts from a pure place of wanting people to get outside and learn those skills and activities."

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