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O essencial é co-criar à medida de cada um, a sua experiência

Em 2010, em "Mais uma sugestão de modelo de negócio" propus este modelo de negócio para desenvolver o turismo no Douro Internacional para birdwatchers endinheirados:

Lembrei-me logo dele quando, ao ler "The Power of Co-Creation", descobri o caso do Club Tourism, uma empresa japonesa que se especializou a desenvolver programas turísticos baseados em experiências. A sua metodologia é interessante:
Chamo a atenção sobretudo para o desenvolvimento da "Customer relationships":
"The simplest form of engagement platform is the meeting where people congregate with a specific purpose and a structured process through which they will co-create, thereby playing a central role in defining the product or service experience. A good example of this approach is Club Tourism. A division of Japan's second-largest tourist agency, Kinki Nippon Tourist, Club Tourism has more than 7 million community members avid exemplifies the power of building such thematic communities.' Club Tourism not only sells tours, it also co-creates experiences with its customers, employees, and travel partners, which include airlines and hotel chains. The enterprise has generated more than two hundred different theme-based clubs for people with a common interest—say, tea drinking.
At Club Tourism, specially designated employees called "Friendly Staff" constantly interact with the clubs to brainstorm ideas about new trips, modifications to existing trips, and desirable new experiences. Through this process, the company generates early ideas of new potential trips and related activities. Now, imagine being invited by Club Tourism to a large Tokyo or Osaka office building with ten or fifteen people who share your passion for tea. With the help of a Friendly Staff facilitator, the Tea Drinking Club designs a trip, identifying activities of potential interest such as visiting tea plantations or learning about the medicinal virtues of tea. Club Tourism taps expert resources like tea connoisseurs and specialists relevant to the club's theme. The Club engages customers who have been on previous related trips, encouraging them to contribute photos and other content. One of the authors attended just such a club meeting, at which a member and a staff person shared photos in a slide show, while other members began conversing and offering ideas about how to enhance future trips, for instance by sampling different types of tea and activities involving the rituals of tea drinking.
Club Tourism is an example of the co-creative power of live, face-to-face interactions with consumers. While some conventional travel agencies do some of these activities as well, Club Tourism's uniqueness is that it also focuses attention on the before- and after-travel experiences. The company describes the travel experience as a cycle that starts with an imaginative design, carries through the actual trip, involves a formal debrief of the trip, and eventually gen-erates memories. Employees view their business as supporting the entire cycle, not simply organizing the trip in the middle. Club Tourism has been successful because it has redefined its role as that of a "nodal" company-connecting customers with travel partners and community resources - which allows it to escape the commodity dynamics of the travel business."
Nos tempos que correm, com o que a tecnologia disponibiliza, o antes e o depois da experiência, a interacção, a co-produção e a co-criação podem ser facilitadas pela Internet, pelas redes sociais, pelas aplicações, ...
O essencial é co-criar à medida de cada um, a sua experiência.

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