quinta-feira, julho 18, 2019

"Creativity Trumps Scale"

Este artigo, "This Ceramics Company Had a Cult Following But No Money. Then, 2 New Owners Brought it Back From the Brink", é simplesmente delicioso.

Um case study para quem quer viver em Mongo.

Em Mongo, para uma PME o negócio não pode ser quantidade, tem de ser preço mais alto, tem de ser valor acrescentado, tem de ser valor co-criado.

Pensar em quem são os clientes-alvo:
"They've shifted the business from wholesale to direct-to-consumer, built a San Francisco experiential destination, expanded into the bridal registry business, and forged creative collaborations with everyone from fashion designers to furniture makers."
Pensar em que é que, ou como é que, se pode fazer a diferença:
"Creativity Trumps Scale
The couple--designers with a 14-year-old son--didn't want to fall into the trap of increasing volume to meet demand, which often sacrifices quality. Instead, at maximum capacity at both factories, they took Heath in the opposite direction: creating limited-release lines sold only in the showrooms that channel the experimen­tation and playfulness of founder Edith Heath. "It's the heart and soul of where we come from," says Petravic." 
Pensar nas partes interessadas, quem pode ajudar a construir um ecossistema win-win-win?
"continued working with some of the country's best restaurants, creating dinnerware lines with two of them
always looking for interesting collaborations ... Pairing her designers with artists who inspire them, says Bailey, allows them to create more interesting designs than they would on their own. It's also expanded Heath into new categories"
Pensar no que custa ser independente e ter uma estratégia:
""We don't want to be forced to do things we don't want to do."[Moi ici: Lembrei-me logo de uma leitura marcante, "The Soul of Design" e do trecho "If you want to be a really great creative company, you have to have a certain amount of cash flow, so you can afford to say 'no,' so you don't have to do something you don't really believe in."]
But perhaps the couple's biggest impact, says Bailey, will come from employing a "slow business" approach to growth that enables the company to go all in on creativity, quality, and transparency.
putting it on track to be debt free by the end of 2020."[]

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