segunda-feira, junho 17, 2019

Credo na boca

Eficientismo com o credo na boca versus a lição dos nabateus:

É o que vem logo à mente, depois de ler "Investing in slack":
"Systems with slack are more resilient. The few extra minutes of time aren’t wasted, the same way that a bike helmet isn’t wasted if you don’t have a crash today. That buffer will save the day, sooner or later.
The mistake happens when we over-index on the easily measured short-term wins and forget to account for the costs of system failure.
Competitive environments push profit seekers to reduce slack and to play a short-term game. If your organization hits the wall, the market will survive, because we have other options. But that doesn’t mean you will survive.
Slack is actually a bargain."

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