quinta-feira, janeiro 24, 2019

Querer marcar o segundo golo antes do primeiro

A propósito de "Science4you: “A estratégia mantém-se, mas não poderá ser tão ambiciosa”", julgo que a coisa se enquadra bem com "The Era of “Move Fast and Break Things” Is Over" e sobretudo com "Outlasting":
"I’m honestly shocked how little attention costs get in the realm of entrepreneurial literature.
Whenever a startup goes out of business, the first thing I get curious about are their costs, not their revenues. If their revenues are non-existent, or barely there, then they were fucked anyway. But beyond that, the first thing I look at is their employee count. Your startup with 38 people didn’t make it? No wonder. Your startup that was paying $52,000/month rent didn’t make it? No wonder. Your startup that spend 6 figures on your brand didn’t make it? No wonder.
Even today… Some of the biggest names in our industry are hemorrhaging money. How is that possible? Simple: Their costs are too high! You don’t lose money by making it, you lose it by spending too much of it! Duh! I know!
So keep your costs as low as possible. And it’s likely that true number is even lower than you think possible.
Beats me, but people do it all the time. ALL THE TIME. Dreaming of all the amazing things you’ll do in year three doesn’t matter if you can’t get past year two."

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