terça-feira, janeiro 22, 2019


Nos últimos meses tenho usado muitas vezes esta metáfora, o curling, para falar acerca do papel dos gestores.

E o meu parceiro das conversas oxigenadoras enviou-me este texto, "Psychology – Managing Human Systems" de onde retirei:
"Deming believed everyone had a right to joy in work. That does not mean they are free from doing difficult tasks. It means that the organization has a duty to create a system where people can take pride in what they do. By doing so the organization is able to focus on continual customer focused improvement over the long term. Deming’s view is that employees are key to the long term success of the organization. They are not costs to be minimized. [Moi ici: Como não recordar os eficientistas da automatização versus o contrarian] They are valuable partners in the continuing success of the organization.
The job of a manager is not to motivate people it is to remove the barriers to joy in work. [Moi ici: A metáfora do curling] By creating an environment where people can take pride in what they do the ability of the organization to perform is optimized."

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