quarta-feira, julho 25, 2018

Falhar espectacularmente bem o cumprimento das metas!

OKRs push us far beyond our comfort zones. They lead us to achievements on the border between abilities and dreams. They unearth fresh capacity, hatch more creative solutions, revolutionize business models. For companies seeking to live long and prosper, stretching to new heights is compulsory. As Bill Campbell liked to say: If companies “don’t continue to innovate, they’re going to die—and I didn’t say iterate , I said innovate .” Conservative goal setting stymies innovation. And innovation is like oxygen: You cannot win without it
[T]he harder the goal the higher the level of performance. . . . Although subjects with very hard goals reached their goals far less often than subjects with very easy goals, the former consistently performed at a higher level than the latter.” The studies found that “stretched” workers were not only more productive, but more motivated and engaged: “ Setting specific challenging goals is also a means of enhancing task interest and of helping people to discover the pleasurable aspects of an activity.”
Conheço algumas empresas portuguesas assim. Quando se compara o desempenho deste ano com a meta, parece que o ano foi mau. No entanto, quando se compara o desempenho do ano com o desempenho do ano anterior constatamos que o ano foi muito positivo. Claro que tem de ser uma cultura de empresa que não cobra por não se atingirem metas exigentes.

Excerto de: Doerr, John. “Measure What Matters: How Google, Bono, and the Gates Foundation Rock the World with OKRs”.

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