domingo, abril 22, 2018

"Experiences won’t just sell products. Experiences will be the products"

Esta semana durante uma conversa percebi que para algumas pessoas que lidam como fornecedores do retalho ainda não é claro o conceito de economia das experiências.

Entretanto, encontrei mais um texto interessante sobre o tema, "Why Retail Is Getting 'Experience' Wrong":
"Customer experience is not only the new frontier of competitive differentiation but also, as I’ve often asserted, the future of how physical retailers will generate revenue. Experiences won’t just sell products. Experiences will be the products. Yet, for all the violent agreement about their value, the customer experiences we most often have when we shop are mediocre and forgettable at best.
Most retailers assume customer experience is primarily an aesthetic concept and more about how stores and websites look and feel.
Other retailers assume that customer experience simply means better, friendlier or more personalised service.
True customer experience design means deconstructing the entire customer journey into its smallest component parts and then reengineering each component to look, feel and most importantly, operate differently than before and distinctly from competitors. It means digging below the surface within each moment to understand the underlying customer need and designing the exact combination of people, place, product and process to deliver delight in that micro-moment."[Moi ici: O artigo lista 5 características da construção de experiências de loja]

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