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Acerca da experiência quando o mundo muda

É tudo uma questão de perspectiva.

Quando o mundo muda, o que trazemos do passado pode impedir-nos de ver o que precisa ser feito. Meu Deus... consigo recordar:

E claro o velho aviso a Zapatero em 2009

"“Five years from now, we won’t be debating whether ‘e-tailers’ are taking share from brick-and-mortar retailers, because they are all the same.”
So, is Warby Parker still an “online retailer”? Obviously, no: More than half of its sales now occur in physical stores. But also, yes: As founder Dave Gilboa told PBS, “about 75 percent of our customers that shop in our stores have been to our website first.”
Warby Parker’s success is extraordinary. But this story is becoming quite ordinary, indeed. Online shopping is having an offline moment, as more e-commerce companies, such as RentTheRunway and Bonobos, invest in the very sort of physical stores they once made seem obsolete.
This throwback revolution is happening in the midst of what otherwise feels like a “retail apocalypse.”
The labor market in retail, once the powerhouse of the service economy, is having its worst year of the century.
In short, the retail industry is at an inflection point, where several brick-and-mortar companies with large footprints are struggling while e-commerce companies that once launched pop-ups as mere marketing tools have realized the value of storefronts.
the ideal modern mall isn’t built around one department store, but rather a supermarket, a Tesla store, and businesses that started out online, such as Warby Parker.
Among the nation’s top 300 malls, brick-and-mortar space occupied by retailers that started online has grown by approximately 1,000 percent since 2012,"
Quem, com a experiência do retalho físico olha para o mundo do retalho físico e vê uma coisa.
Quem, com a experiência do retalho online olha para o mundo do retalho físico e vê outra coisa.

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