sábado, outubro 21, 2017

Privilegiar os inputs sobre os outputs (parte V)

Parte I, parte II, parte III e parte IV.
"the more a supplier's product contributes to creating meaningful differentiation in the customer's products, the more value quantification has to be detailed, collaborative, and customer-specific.
There is one golden rule. If you are a lawyer you should not ask what you do for your client. What you should ask is what the client is able to do as a result of working with you [Moi ici: Outra vez a concentração nos inputs que o cliente tem de processar para atingir os seus objectivos] - as opposed to working with your closest competitor. You have to ask what your competitive advantage is incrementally worth to customers in monetary terms."
Outro excelente trecho retirado de "Value First Then Price" editado por Andreas Hinterhuber e Todd Snelgrove.

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