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Começar pelos visionários

"There’s a lesson in all of this. When your idea is truly new and different, target the few, not the many.
The problem, as Steve Blank explains in The Four Steps to the Epiphany, is that most new products target large addressable markets. That may work with an incremental innovation, but for something truly new, you first need to identify “visionary customers” or people who want or need a product so badly that they don’t care if it’s not quite perfect.
While focusing on a just a few, visionary customers is not the ultimate goal, it will get your product into the hands of people who will pay you and help you refine it by exposing flaws that you’re not likely to be aware of at first. They will also be a great source of insight about which features you should develop next.
That’s exactly what’s happening now with Google Glass. As the technology gets battle tested in real world work environments, the technology itself is being improved. The company is also building out an ecosystem of partners who are designing industry specific applications and building traction in the marketplace."[Moi ici: Interessante este ponto que, li ontem, ajuda a explicar o sucesso do facebook sobre o Myspace]

Recordar Geoffrey Moore

A locomotiva a vapor começou por substituir os animais nas minas, só depois transitou para outros campos.

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