domingo, abril 09, 2017

Dúvida (parte II)

Parte I.

Acredito que vamos começar a ver com mais frequência notícias deste tipo, pelo menos em certos países.

"the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics job market report released on Friday showed it was an even bigger disaster than expected, with 30,700 jobs lost. Combined with similar job losses in February, the retail industry had its worse two-month job creation period since the depths of the Great Recession. And retail, which employs nearly 16 million Americans, was one of the very few industries to ditch jobs last month and certainly cut the most jobs by far of any industry."
E sempre a mesma resposta instintiva e errada, tal como nos media:
"Under enormous pressure from investors, retailers are cutting costs, including personnel, in a bid to hit earnings per share targets despite soft sales, thereby meeting projections and mollifying investors. The irony of course is that leaner store staffs will likely compromise store service and give shoppers more reason to go online. And many of them have made it clear, when they go online, they go to Amazon. Hello, vicious cycle."
Quando um disruptor oferece uma proposta de valor superior aos clientes os incumbentes só sabem responder com os custos...

Trechos retirados de "Bankruptcies and Amazon Impact on Retail Hiring"

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