terça-feira, abril 11, 2017

"Complements are not substitutes"

"Business models and competitive advantages are complex systems. This means that they consist of multiple elements – some of them tangible; some intangible – which interact with one another, meaning that it is their combination that makes it work. In many markets, digital will just add one new factor to the mix or replace one element, but not often all of them. This means that in many businesses, digital technology will complement and alter the incumbents’ existing resources and capabilities, but it certainly won’t always entirely replace them altogether. Therefore, when making strategy, the focus should be on identifying complements, rather than assuming complete substitution."
Um trecho que faz pensar no impacte do online no retalho físico. Ontem numa empresa um empresário usou o termo: "lojas cansadas". Entretanto, outro empresário recordava que a Amazon está a entrar no retalho físico.

Quando os centros comerciais chegaram não trouxeram necessariamente o fim do comércio de rua. Obrigaram o comércio de rua a renovar-se... ou não.

Trecho retirado de "What So Many Strategists Get Wrong About Digital Disruption"

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