domingo, janeiro 29, 2017

Acerca da paciência estratégica

Há muito que refiro a falta de paciência estratégica dos gringos.
Ontem, li um exemplo de quem a teve e soube utilizar não confiando na força bruta.
"What is your favorite mass customized product?When I was in business school in 1994, I did a lot of research on the Motorola Bandit project and it remains my favorite mass customized product and one of the formative role models that I look to for Cimpress. The product no longer exists, and this example is going to make me sound kind of old, but the Bandit pager that Motorola produced at its Boynton Beach, Florida factory was one of the most forward looking implementations of mass customization of all time.
Back in the mid-1980s, the pager market was becoming extremely competitive, and Motorola was one of the last standing American companies in the face of Japanese competition. Motorola responded not by shipping all of the assembly to Asia but, instead, by rethinking every aspect of the value chain. [Moi ici: A abordagem que fez das PME portuguesas máquinas super competitivas] They started with design for manufacturing, and flexibility, allowing for tens of millions of variations in a lot size of just one unit. They used what was, at that time, cutting edge information technology systems to allow field sales teams to configure and enter orders from portable PCs. It was computer integrated manufacturing, focused on mass customization, at its best."
Flexibilidade e customização são muito úteis mas não chegam num produto tecnológico, é preciso evoluir.

Trecho retirado de "Leading Mass Customization and Personalization - 24 expert interviews: How to profit from service and product customization in e-commerce and beyond"

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