quarta-feira, dezembro 21, 2016

O volume é um indicador que afaga o ego

Recordar o Barclays ou o "Bigger isn't better. It's merely bigger." tudo de ontem antes de começar a ler "Coach, Kors & Kate: The Handbag Wars". Alguns excertos:
"Racing to the Bottom of the BagThe accessible luxury brands of Michael Kors, Kate Spade and Coach all mentioned in their investor calls the promotional activity in the department store channel in the second quarter of 2016. Each is attempting to mitigate exposure to this brand-eroding behavior with solutions.
“this industry has evolved over the past few years to accelerated promotional activity. And we know that. That’s the absolute wrong thing to do for a business over the long term. And so we have put in fairly significant plans, declines in certain areas of the business, one of them obviously being wholesale.”
Double-Digit Product Shipments Accompanied by Revenue Declines
Regarding the June quarter, Idol said, “The amount of promotional activity from many of the people who carry our line was at its all-time high, and we have to compete to be able to move our inventories during that period. When you do that, it just lowers your average order value, and you just can’t keep up with [it], even though our transactions, our conversion was up double-digit.”"
O volume é um indicador que afaga o ego e destrói valor.

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