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"Midsize companies can’t compete ... on scale"

"Companies with between $10 million and $1 billion in sales saw 6.3 percent revenue growth in first quarter 2016, compared to just 1.1 percent for the economy as a whole, according to the National Center for the Middle Market.
Differentiation is key.
Midsize companies can’t compete with their large-cap counterparts on scale, so they need other ways to differentiate themselves. One way to do that, said Bala Ganesh, senior director of marketing for the US 2020 Team at UPS, is to offer a unique customer experience. “Just purely competing on price is impossible for smaller retailers,” Ganesh said. “You want to create unique products, a unique experience or some unique bundle not available from big box retailers.”.
One example might be to build a social community of like-minded consumers around a product offering, where the price of admission is a purchase or service subscription. [Moi ici: Uma tribo] Or bundle existing products and services in customized ways [Moi ici: Fugir do vómito industrial que só pensa em uniformidade] not available from larger outlets. “This is how they can hit above their average,” Ganesh added.
Ganesh identifies five areas where midmarket companies must excel to play in the big leagues: product selection, a flawless web or mobile experience, shipping and delivery transparency, flexible pickup options and an easy return process. “This is what drives demand. The consumer buying journey doesn’t end after you click buy, and more and more retailers are recognizing that,” Bala said."
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