sexta-feira, dezembro 30, 2016

Evolução dos modelos de negócio (parte I)

Em 2004 um projecto balanced scorecard fez-me despertar, fez-me ter consciência do potencial e importância dos ecossistemas da procura.
Por isso, para mim, isto é muito claro:
"Business models in the past have been pretty simple. There was me, the vendor, and you, the customer. I provide you with products and services and you pay me for those products and services.
That’s all changing. Increasingly, we are seeing the opportunity to mobilize others to deliver value to our customers. We are even finding ways to connect our customers with each other so that they can offer information and advice to each other. Platforms are becoming more and more central to value creation and value delivery.
Platforms are great for customers. They offer customers far more choice and flexibility in moving from one product or service to another. As customers become more and more powerful and experience pressure to increase their own performance, they will see more value in accessing platforms that expand their array of choices.
But, from a platform provider viewpoint, platforms definitely require an evolution of the business model. We need to be clear up front who will be paid for what. We also need to be clear about what services we will be providing to third party providers on the platform as well as to our customers directly. The economics certainly become more complicated."
Trecho retirado de "The Big Shift in Business Models"

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