quarta-feira, novembro 16, 2016

Modelo e Continente

Ler "Small Box Retailers" e recordar este postal de 2011 "Será uma boa decisão?" e o comentário do Aranha.

"Big box retailers are getting smaller. Some are being compelled to do so by the market: Circuit City and Sports Authority liquidated. Others are shutting down less-trafficked locations. And some are doing so by design. Literally.
In an age of e-commerce and muted spending, Target, like many retailers across the U.S., is trying find a way to reverse declining foot traffic and revenue.
While Target is taking some of the usual steps such as cutting prices and bringing in new executives, the company is notably doubling down on mini-Targets. The plan is for the upscale downscale retailer to continue to roll out small shops in college towns and urban centers, which feature what it calls “curated” products (read: a lot less shelf space means room for only stuff that appeals to millennials, such as dorm-room and apartment-sized home goods and fast fashion).
As baby boomers and gen Xers get in the habit of making everyday purchases from a smartphone instead of wandering through the aisles of big box stores, and as younger consumers who have never known a time when a couple of clicks couldn’t get all manner of goods delivered to their doorstep in a matter of days, or even hours, enter the marketplace, it’s clear that traditional retailers will have to get creative."


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