terça-feira, novembro 29, 2016


Ontem ao almoço um empresário confidenciava-me que este mês de Novembro vai ser o melhor mês de sempre da sua empresa com cerca de 15 anos.
Falei-lhe logo da mensagem deste artigo "Is Your Company Experiencing Good Times? Time for a Plan B" dizendo a velha frase: Shit Happens!
"Disruptors should know better than anyone that we are all vulnerable to being disrupted ourselves, and often faster than we imagine possible. Everybody needs an Act II and maybe Act III and beyond.
often we need to be moving on to Plan B while Plan A is still in full hyper-growth swing. By the time another disruptor actually arrives at the door of our dream house, if we haven’t already have moved on to conquer new territory we will be trapped.
the time to formulate, and even launch, Plan B is before we need it. If we wait until growth slows or stagnation sets in or the future is beating down the doors, we’re in danger of being left behind. It’s while the First Act is in full swing, well before the curtain falls that Act II needs to be donning its costumes and lining up the props."

Claro que os fragilistas não alinham nisto.

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