sexta-feira, outubro 28, 2016

Porque Mongo é gigantes-unfriendly

Porque Mongo é gigantes-unfriendly:
"“Owners” who are changing all the time, and many of the stock analysts who do their bidding, couldn’t care less about engaging employees, about pride and respect in work, about serving customers, about quality in products and services.  All they care about is MORE: squeezing out more revenues, more savings, more profits. Manage the enterprise the way you make orange juice.
But what happens when there is no more to be squeezed out of a place that has been run really well? The answer is easy: provide less to make more. Rip the customers off with add-on fees. Pressure the staff to cut corners. Or “downsize” them altogether so that there is no-one to replenish the toilet paper. And don’t forget to pay the CEO outrageous bonuses to drive all this."
Uma PME pode fazer milagres se vir que ganhar dinheiro é uma consequência e não um objectivo directo, se tiver paciência estratégica, se tiver ao leme quem tenha paixão, se apostar na interacção e na co-criação.

Trecho retirado de "The devil is in a detail"

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