segunda-feira, outubro 31, 2016

"fazer emergir o que já funciona bem"

Recordei logo este postal, "A ideia é um resultado, não um começo", e os outros postais nele referidos, quando li "Need a strategy? Let it grow like a weed in the
"1.Strategies grow initially like weeds in a garden; they are not cultivated like tomatoes in a hothouse. In other words, the process of creating strategies can be over-managed. Sometimes it is more important to let ideas emerge than to force a premature consistency on the organization. Allow those strategies to form, as patterns, not having to be formulated, as plans. The hothouse, if needed, can come later.
2. These strategies can take root in all kinds of strange places, virtually wherever people have the capacity to learn and the resources to support that capacity.
3. Ideas become strategies when they pervade the organization.
4. The processes of proliferation may or may not be consciously managed.
Of course, once strategies are recognized as valuable, the processes by which they proliferate can be managed, just as plants can be selectively propagated. Then it may be time to build that hothouse - make that emergent strategy  deliberate going forward.
5. There is a time to sow strategies and a time to reap them.
Managers have to appreciate when to exploit an established crop of strategies and when to encourage new strains to replace them.
6. Hence to manage this process is not to preconceive strategies but to recognize their emergence and intervene when appropriate."
Formalizar uma estratégia para uma PME passa muito pelo ponto 4, pesquisar, investigar, fazer emergir o que já funciona bem, o que pode ser a base para uma estratégia sustentável com base no que a empresa já faz de melhor mas pode estar escondido por muita tralha.

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