segunda-feira, julho 18, 2016

Online conjugado com a economia das experiências (parte II)

Há dias escrevi aqui no blogue este postal, "Online conjugado com a economia das experiências", acerca do efeito conjunto da evolução das vendas online e da procura de experiências na população de lojas dos centros comerciais.
Entretanto, um outro artigo desperta-me para uma outra evolução em curso, "When Did Shipping Boxes Get Pretty?". A embalagem que envolve a oferta torna-se mais do que um item com uma finalidade tangível e racional e converte-se num componente da experiência:
"Stylized shipping boxes are designed to stand out, while ironically becoming the new norm. Aritzia, Birchbox, Matchesfashion, Urban Outfitters, and countless more have equally trumpeting e-comm deliveries, with custom colored boxes, oversized brand logos, and interior surprises (if you look closely, there is a tiny swimmer at the bottom of Warby Parker's pool-inspired Home Try-On box). Net-a-Porter's black box, tied with a grosgrain ribbon, is so indicative of the luxe goods inside that it offers a downgraded option at checkout, a discreet brown box that doesn't exclaim "Miu Miu platforms enclosed!" Even Amazon has a signature black tape distinguishing its shipments.
Voicey cardboard boxes, custom-color bubble wrap, and printed packing tape are the online answer to the status-symbol shopping bag, elevated in-store gift wrapping, and iconic product boxes à la Hermès (dating back to the 1950s) and Tiffany & Co. (1837). As much as ever before, customers feel good, affirmed, and proud of a purchase that comes in a vessel that feels special.
The stakes are even higher, and the reward even greater, for an online-only company like Glossier, where the shipping box is a customer's first physical contact with the brand. Before a shopper can get to the actual thing they paid for — and likely have never seen in the flesh — they'll work through tape, tissue, bubble wrap, an itemized receipt, and protective sleeves. These prosaic necessities ensure the purchase arrives in fine condition, but they can also be a vehicle for the brand to express its identity."
 Este ano tive oportunidade de trabalhar com a empresa de caixas relatada no final de "Acerca da subida na escala de valor em negócios B2B". Pode ser uma oportunidade interessante, para subir na escala de valor

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