sábado, maio 28, 2016

Meter código nisso é bem mais difícil

"The Internet of Things Will Change Your Company, Not Just Your Products" um texto que me veio alertar para as muitas barreiras que existirão na transição para um Mongo carregado de código.
Nunca pensei que fosse o mundo de facilidades prometido aqui "Armas para a revolução industrial chegam daqui a três meses" e resolúvel com grupos de trabalho comandados por multinacionais, quando Mongo é insurgente e avesso à velha ordem.

Voltando ao texto inicial:
"Successful IoT plays require more than simply adding connectivity to a product and charging for service — something many companies don’t immediately understand. Building an IoT offering requires design thinking from the get-go. Specifically, it requires reimagining the business you are in, empathizing with your target customers and their challenges, and creatively determining how to most effectively solve their problems.
When product-based companies add services and connectivity, operational requirements increase. The resulting challenges may include new contract-manufacturing relationships, which can be a complicated and disorienting process for the uninitiated.
The addition of third-party services and shared customer ownership can introduce tiers of customer-support challenges. Inventory requirements, warranties, and returns may change. In addition, companies may suddenly find themselves having to comply with unfamiliar laws and regulations, including those related to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and customer “Personally Identifiable Information” (confidential data such as names, addresses, contact information).
[Moi ici: O meu lado cínico leva-me a pensar que as multinacionais vão sobretudo concentrar-se em proteger-se dos davids] Since new companies built from the ground up as IoT businesses lack the departmental baggage of older firms trying to make the transition into the IoT world, the former’s learning curve is often shorter. However, the immaturity of the IoT industry means that the practices and capabilities that suffice today will not tomorrow. An ability to evolve — and to do so quickly — is a prerequisite for success."
BTW, em "Tom Peters Wants You to Read" encontrei este trecho delicioso relevante, também, para esta conversa:
"Peters also recommends Marc Levinson’s The Box, about the invention of the shipping container. “The idea of containerizing freight was irrelevant until you completely redesigned ports, dealt with the longshoremen, etc.,” he said. “The reinvention of the context is what made all the difference.”

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