quarta-feira, maio 25, 2016

Cuidado com o sucesso

"although the alignments are very different, each is necessary for the successful execution of a particular strategy. When competition is based on efficiency and cost, the winner will most often be the organization that is most successful at reducing variance and promoting incremental innovation. When the market is changing rapidly, the  alignment needed to succeed is one that is best able to experiment and adapt quickly."

"the alignment that promotes success for one strategy may be toxic for another. And here is the rub: the alignment that makes a mature organization successful can kill an emerging business. And in the same way, the alignment that makes an emerging business work can make a mature business inefficient. On top of that, a firm’s strategy isn’t timeless. ... the alignment that has made an organization successful at one point may put it at risk in another. Great companies—those with a proud tradition—are potentially the most vulnerable to what we have labeled the success syndrome"
Trechos retirados de "Lead and disrupt : how to solve the innovator’s dilemma" de Charles A. O’Reilly III e Michael L. Tushman

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