quinta-feira, março 31, 2016

Testar como pioneiro

Excelente texto este, "Does Your Business Model Look to the Future or
Just Defend the Present?"
Acerca dos que estão mais preocupados em defender o passado do que a abraçar o futuro:
"Established industries aren’t ripped apart overnight. That takes time, though when momentum builds, change happens fast. [Moi ici: Recordar o lago e os nenúfares. Foram 47 dias de pacatez e um de revolução] How can incumbents manage through the monumental changes currently under way? One answer is to take a cue from pivotal technology companies leading the change."
Recordar este "Para reflexão" antes de ler os trechos que se seguem:
"Many of the companies leading today’s technology-driven transformations across industries are leveraging transitional strategies, or more specifically transitional business platforms.
Getting in the game helps define the game, but it’s essential to have some idea — even a vague one — of what the game might eventually be. For the next generation, that game will often be about pushing the production and provision of products and services ever closer to the moment of demand.
Companies that focus on defending established business models will lose in the long run. Companies with foresight will pursue transitional models to be part of driving the change.
To be clear, succeeding at transitional business platforms does not require predicting the future. Instead, a great transitional model is based on an accurate directional read of the future, providing flexibility and optionality as the future unfolds.
[Moi ici: Recordar "será uma forma de aproveitar a ocasião para criar uma marca e fazer batota de-comoditizando um sector de actividade."] They build brand presence before markets have been clearly defined.
Ultimately, all businesses are transitional — we just can’t predict precisely when or how. Businesses focused on optimizing what has worked for years at the expense of the future will create ever-greater risk for their owners, employees, and customers. Experiment with potential transitional models so that your company is ready when the time is right. You can’t lead the way if you’re waiting for someone else to take the lead."

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