quinta-feira, março 31, 2016

Os campeões nacionais

"In the late 1990s Chinese premier Zhu Rongji presided over a radical dismantling of the moribund state-owned industrial sector, throwing 30m state workers out of their cradle-to-grave “iron rice bowl” jobs. In some industries, the state factories have been entirely replaced by private companies but in heavy industry the state groups that survived the 1990s were consolidated and flooded with cash to create national champions.
Those sectors are now once again burdened with debt, non-productive assets and extreme excess capacity and current premier Li Keqiang is evoking memories of the 1990s to tackle it. Removing some of that excess capacity raises the spectre of another wave of mass unemployment, but China’s much larger economy means the impact may not be as profound."
Trecho retirado de "China faces struggle to recast steel workers for service sector"

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