terça-feira, março 15, 2016

Admirável mundo novo

Dois exemplos a juntar à colecção do "É meter código nisso!"
São eles:

"Many of the exhibits sound too strange and too poetic to be real, and yet they are. We are shown robotic bees from the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, health-monitoring 'smart collars' for cows and building bricks grown from living fungus. A scientist has recorded the mating calls of insects, in order to lure further insects to their deaths with 'sonic pesticide'."
"A prototype shoe using new energy technology can generate enough power to charge a dead phone, via a USB port on the side of the sneaker. It can also run electronics embedded in the shoe itself, like a Wi-Fi hotspot or a tracker that could be used to located someone in lost in rubble after an earthquake.

A tracking device could be used for children or someone with a medical condition. Because the sole touches someone's foot, it can also monitor vital signs and send alerts if something is wrong. A firefighter might use the tracking device in their boots. Tracking could also be useful for someone who just needs better directions inside a GPS dead spot; the tracking function works both with and without GPS.
In a disaster, the shoe could help first responders find victims. "In the first five to six hours the chances of survival are the highest, then they very rapidly drop," says Krupenkin. "So finding people is very difficult, and if someone is wearing a shoe like that, then the signal from the shoe would point operators to where he is." The shoe could also indicate which victims are still alive, so rescuers reach them first.
"There are many more applications," he says. "We're designing the system so the electronics module is replaceable by the user, so if you want a new function, you can pull the existing module out of the shoe and plug in the new one.""

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