sexta-feira, fevereiro 26, 2016

Inovação versus incumbação

"A colleague recently minted a new word by accident — incumbation”. It won’t catch on but its fleeting appearance made me wonder what such a term, if it existed, might define: the opposite of innovation.
As grimy layers of admin accrete on the original bright ideals of their founders, incumbent companies become prone to inertia and what Gary Hamel, the management thinker, has called “bureausclerosis”. Such complacency is bad. But some of the methods that established companies use to protect themselves are worse.
Recumbent incumbents are almost always doomed. The good news is that technology and transparency have already cut away at the distribution and information monopolies that used to shelter large, lazy companies. The bad news is that survivors will continue to use foul means as well as fair to protect themselves. Their misguided attempts at self-preservation can hobble the advance of more original, more innovative competitors."
Como não recordar "Abraçar a mudança" ou "Engaging emergence".
Como não recordar o tempo perdido, a largura de banda da atenção ocupada com tantos recursos desviados para defender o passado nos têxteis:

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