sábado, junho 27, 2015

Ainda acerca do futuro das plataformas

O @parvalhoti chamou-me a atenção para um interessante artigo sobre o pricing das plataformas, "A Rake Too Far: Optimal Platform Pricing Strategy":
"Many Internet marketplaces also have a rake or vig. The percentage rake is the amount that the marketplace charges as a percentage of GMS (gross merchandise sales), which typically represents net revenues for the marketplace.
It may seem tautological that a higher rake is always better – that charging more would be better than charging less. But in fact, the opposite may often be true. The most dangerous strategy for any platform company is to price too high – to charge a greedy and overzealous rake that could serve to undermine the whole point of having a platform in the first place.
High volume combined with a modest rake is the perfect formula for a true organic marketplace and a sustainable competitive advantage. A sustainable platform or marketplace is one where the value of being in the network clearly outshines the transactional costs charged for being in the network. This way, suppliers will feel  obliged to stay on the platform, and consumers will not see prices that are overly burdened by the network provider. Everyone wins in this scenario, but particularly the platform provider.
Most venture capitalists encourage entrepreneurs to price-maximize, to extract as much rent as they possibly can from their ecosystem on each transaction. This is likely short-sighted. There is a big difference between what you can extract versus what you should extract."
Por um lado, relacionar com "the mindset of extracting and the alternative of feeding" e, por outro, relacionar com o tema da evolução das plataformas "Acerca do futuro das plataformas".

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