sábado, junho 27, 2015

O pensamento tradicional sobre a criação de valor

Uma boa descrição do mindset que domina o senso comum e impregna a linguagem que utilizamos:
"Traditional thinking about value creation in business sees every company as occupying a position in the value chain, adding value to inputs and then passing the output to the next actor in the chain. In a value chain, value creation takes place inside a company through its own activities, and companies act autonomously with little or no interference from customers. Consequently, the value-added is equalized with the cost incurred by the supplier company. [Moi ici: Por isso, quando falo em subir preços, as pessoas nas empresas pensam logo em produtos ou serviços premium, pensam logo na quantidade de custos a acrescentar, para suportar, para justificar o preço mais alto] This traditional business logic based on goods-dominant logic (GDL) suggests that value is embedded in the units of output (value-in-exchange), and the outputs present the fundamental units of exchange. Interaction takes place mostly at the end of the value chain, and the value chain stops when the end-customer has bought a product or service. GDL highlights the supplier company’s process as primary, and the role of a customer is to fulfil scripts defined by the supplier."

Trecho retirado de "Adapting Business Model Thinking to Service Logic: An
Empirical Study on Developing a Service Design Tool" de Katri Ojasalo e Jukka Ojasalo

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