quinta-feira, junho 25, 2015

Acerca do futuro das plataformas

Esko Kilpi continua a fazer-me pensar na evolução das plataformas com "From Firms to Platforms to Commons":
"Traditional business economics focus on economies of scale derived from the resource base of the company, which scales much slower than the network effects these new firms build on. The start-ups have a huge advantage over incumbents.
A platform company should therefore be as open, as accessible and as supportive as possible, to as many users as possible. This is unequivocally the route to optimum value creation. Internet scale economies can create almost boundless returns without the (core) company growing at all.
The central aggregator of enterprise value will no longer be a value chain, but a network space, where these new firms are fully market facing and the customer experience is defined by apps.
The previous iteration transformed firms to platforms. Perhaps the next evolutionary step in the life of firms is a transformation from platforms to open commons with shared protocols."

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