quinta-feira, março 19, 2015

Tecto de vidro? Uma hipótese de explicação (parte XVII)

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"These firms have discovered that they need not serve all customers equally well - many customers are too costly to do business with and have little potential to become profitable, even in the long term. While companies may want to treat all customers with superior service, they find it is neither practical nor profitable to meet (and certainly not to exceed) all customers' expectations. Further - and probably more objectionable to quality zealots - in most cases it is desirable for a firm to alienate or even "fire" at least some of its customers.
While quality advocates may be offended by the notion of serving any customer in less than. the best possible way, in many situations both the company and its customers obtain better value."
Trechos retirados de "The customer pyramaid: Creating and serving profitable customers" de Valarie A Zeithaml; Roland T Rust; Katharine N Lemon
California Management Review; Summer 2001

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