segunda-feira, setembro 15, 2014

"Great businesses, in the final analysis, are built by passion"

Gosto muito desta reflexão:
"Competitive advantage is far from arbitrary.  It does not come from Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint decks, but from how a firm sees and fulfills its purpose.  Great strategy starts then, not with analysis, but from defining and committing to a mission.
Strategic approaches usually begin as conscious choices, but over time they become ingrained in the culture and operations of the enterprise.
That culture plays a crucial role when the time comes for a strategic shift.  Business models don’t last.  So when a company hits hard times and management wants to alter is strategic approach, they often find that it’s much harder than simply coming up with a plan and executing it.  If the strategy doesn’t align with the mission, the organization will reject it.
We usually think of strategy as a rational, analytic activity, with teams of MBA’s poring over spreadsheets.  We often forget that strategy has to have a purpose and that purpose is almost always personal and emotive.
Great businesses, in the final analysis, are built by passion.  Strategies can come and go, but the mission of the enterprise is fundamental to directing action."
Dá para recordar a experiência da Viarco, dá para recordar as estórias que me contaram no passado Sábado sobre os senhores do Excel que não acreditam nos tipos que vendem alheiras gourmet, "E pur si muove!"


Trechos retirados de "How Your Mission Drives Your Strategy"

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