quinta-feira, agosto 28, 2014

Acerca do caminho para Mongo (parte II)

Parte I.
"Though it manifests differently in different parts of the economy, fragmentation refers to an increase in the number of smaller entities addressing a diverse range of business and consumer needs. In fragmenting parts of the economy, each entity has a small addressable market, often focused on a niche; minimal investment or backing is needed to enter the market. These small entities proliferate rapidly, and no one controls enough market share to influence the industry. Crucially, this fragmentation is not cyclical or transitory; in these parts of the economy, where businesses compete on specialization, personalization, and customization, “diseconomies of scale” mean that growing larger creates a performance disadvantage. At the same time, certain roles in the economy are increasingly dominated by fewer, but larger, entities. In concentrating parts of the economy, an entity cannot profitably compete without having scale or scope, and their value to fragmented players is predicated on their being leaders in the market.
Unfortunately, many large companies today don’t yet recognize or understand the
impact of fragmentation in their industries."
Tudo, mas tudo coisas que temos escrito ao longo dos anos aqui no blogue e que contribuem para a caracterização e descrição de Mongo!!!

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