quarta-feira, junho 25, 2014

Acerca da batota

Ler este artigo "Make Customers Want to Buy Offline" é voltar a 2008 e à batota. Recordar "A Apologia da Batota":
E já lá vão 146 postais com esse marcador.
E o que diz o artigo?
Desenhar experiências, não confiar no acaso:
"Design your retail setting to be a showroom for your empathic experts even more than for the products you sell."
Desenhar soluções, complementos:
"This means designing your store to serve as a source for solutions, both now and in the future. Again, heightening your staff’s expertise helps immensely. So does offering customers a complete ecosystem of secondary products, rather than simply hanging some earbuds and cases within easy reach. Design with an eye to the outcome the customer is seeking, whether that’s more reliable transportation, more exciting entertainment, or higher productivity. Deliver a system of products and services that works with their primary purchase to provide those outcomes, and they’ll reward you for it, rather than try to reconstruct it all for themselves online." 
 Desenhar comunidades, outra alternativa.
A batota que gera a experiência sentida:
"One fundamental point deserves to be underscored, because it informs all three of these design imperatives: shopping is emotional. The internet offers many functional advantages: selection is endless and endlessly searchable, prices are excellent, and there’s none of the hassle of going to the store. Most purchases, though, aren’t purely functional, and a well-designed shopping experience works with that by heightening the positive emotions and countering the negative ones.
More than just satisfying emotional needs, shopping is part of how we form identity. The decisions we make about how we will spend our money are part of how we present ourselves to the world. Offer customers an experience that deepens their sense of identity and reflects positively on it, and you’ll earn the higher margin you’re asking them to pay."
E a sua empresa, mesmo não estando no retalho, faz batota, desenha experiências? Ou pensa que é tudo folha de cálculo?

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