sexta-feira, maio 16, 2014

Mongo e a economia da partilha

Muito, mesmo muito interessante "Why Uber And Airbnb Might Be In Big Trouble", ainda reforça mais o enfoque na multidão de Davids que vai ser Mongo.
"Peer-to-peer services have been able to disrupt industries like hospitality and transportation because companies in those industries, like hotel chains and limousine services, have high fixed costs they can’t escape. But in raising so much money at high valuations, Burnham said, Uber and its cohort of sharing-economy services have put themselves in a similar bind, promising that a huge amount of the value they create will go to their venture backers.
Every dollar they have to return to investors is a dollar that doesn’t go to users of the platform — users who, by the nature of the sharing economy, often feel they’re the ones who created the value in the first place and deserve to partake in it. ‘Those companies won’t be able to get out from under that structure,” Burnham said. “That is an opportunity for the next generation of sharing economy companies. The key is to raise less and raise it at a valuation that allows a return for your investors without having to have a thick platform that extracts a lot of rents for your investors.”"

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