domingo, janeiro 26, 2014

Curiosidade do dia

Quando Mongo e a batota se juntam "Israel’s first 3D printing shop opens, with an Apple Store ‘vibe’"
"People like the Apple Store because of the experience — the demonstrations of products, the workshops, the ability to talk to a “genius” who can explain how to get your iPhone or iPad running, and more.
Tel Aviv’s new 3D Factory doesn’t sell Apple Products, but it furnishes an Apple-style experience for artists, designers, and regular folk who want something unique and different for their home.
The store has a retail section as well, where customers can come in and order a model (such as a vase, bottle opener, lamp, lunchboxes, even brass knuckles) and customize it by color, shape, size, and a dozen other criteria.
That’s where the experience part comes in. “Many of our customers are local families and tourists who bring their kids to watch the printing process, learning about 3D printing and seeing the object being created,” said Jaffe. “We have had some student groups come in as well, and part of our plan is to have workshops, educational groups, seminars, ‘printing parties,’ and all sorts of other activities both in-house and at schools and community centers."

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