segunda-feira, novembro 25, 2013

Acerca de Mongo e as patentes

"The 3-D printing “will do for physical objects what MP3 files did for music,”
So what is a patent owner seeking to stop an infringement to do, given that tracking down people in their homes would be extremely difficult?
Is the government likely to take an aggressive approach toward 3-D printing violations? That’s hard to know, but past efforts by the government to stop illegal taping of movies and television shows, along with illegal downloading of music, have not been very effective, and the same seems likely to be true of 3-D printing, Professor Desai said. The march of technology is just too insistent."
A propósito de um mundo sem patentes, recordar:

BTW, e recordar a biologia onde a contrafacção não é crime.

Trechos retirados de "Beyond 3-D Printers’ Magic, Possible Legal Wrangling"

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