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O mundo de Golias a esboroar-se

As PMEs podem olhar para o artigo que se segue e perceber, e tomar consciência, dos pontos fracos dos Golias e, fazer batota!!!
"Those birds are Black Swans. Any one of them would be bad for P&G. Should they all prevail at once, God spare this once mighty corporation. These black swans are dangerous for two reasons: they represent changes that have the potential to overturn P&G's business models, and they are impossible at present for P&G to see clearly. Should these swans come down to earth they will feast on P&G the way eagles went to work on Prometheus. It won't be pretty. (Moi ici: Gostei deste artigo porque aborda o ponto de vista de Golias, costumo escrever aqui sobre o que as PMEs (Davids) fazem ou podem fazer. O artigo, ao falar sobre os Golias, também pode ser útil para os Davids)
1. The new branding. We are watching the death of the big brand. It's a huge change taking place over many years. Big brands used to be guarantors of quality, consistency, solicitude. We trusted big brands, especially Crest, Tide, Gillette. Beside these airships, little brands looked like unscrupulous, fast-buck, con artists.
How the tables turn. Some big brands continue to wow us. But many more look slow, clumsy, and unresponsive. Now it's little brands that look smart, fast, and there for us. And now small players make all the things that once could only be made at scale: beer, soft drinks, watches, razors, clothing, make-up, laundry detergent. (Moi ici: Mongo a entranhar-se e a construir uma sociedade de artesãos prosumers) With a webpage as their store front and FedEx as their channel, they can reach consumers anywhere. And, yes, of course, these are tiny operations. But large always starts small. And as Chris Anderson pointed out in The Long Tail, if we aggregate enough smalls, we end up with heterogeneous larges even larger than homogeneous larges. (Moi ici: Mais gente fora da caixa do que dentro da caixa. Benvindos ao Estranhistão!!!)
2. The new marketing. We are watching the death of the hard sell.
If branding has gone artisanal, marketing has too. With smarter audiences and new media, we want to work not with the hard sell, but with something more like a murmur. We want to invite the consumer in, not shout at her until she makes the purchase.
(Moi ici: O trecho que se segue é tão "Mongo". É tão delicioso!!!3. The new consumer. We are watching the death of the old model of consumer taste and preference. Consider those farmers' markets . This should put a chill of terror down the spine of P&G. For the farmers' market contradicts perhaps the most fundamental assumption of P&G manufacture and marketing: that consumers want their goods immaculate, appearing as if by magic in the local supermarket and drug store. Done and done. Now consumers actually want to meet the producer, to see imperfections, to see the dirt still attached. They actually want to say hi to the farmer, or at least to have some picture of the people who made their fashions or grew their coffee beans. The industrial era of production has come and gone. And it's departure puts the P&G proposition at risk."
Trechos retirados de "The Black Swans Circling P&G"

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