sexta-feira, março 15, 2013

As forças que nos afastam do século XX (parte I)

"When Henry Ford began producing the Model T, most people viewed it as simply a new, inexpensive car - but his innovation would transform so much more. By proving the superiority of mass production, which coincidentally was able to cut the price of an automobile by 6o percent, he inspired a major shift in business. Soon, industry after industry changed from collections of small workshops into a few huge factories.
Starting with Ford, the basis of competition shifted from craft to economies of scale, from talent to asset intensification. That has remained largely unchanged to this day. The existing paradigm, what Kuhn would call the normal science phase, gives established companies certain tangible, sustainable sources of advantage. In addition to superior economy of scale, they have exclusive access to critical sources of supply. We have lived with this formula for decades, with managers and strategy experts tweaking our understanding of this paradigm but not altering it in any significant way. But several forces are pushing us beyond the Ford paradigm."
Trecho retirado de "Outthink the competition" de Kaihan Krippendorff

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