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Não é armadilhar, é perceber os clientes dos clientes

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“In more complex B2B deals, it is not a single person selling to a single person. Both the customer and the supplier are many-headed, meaning that one network meets another.”

“In B2B, customers are using received deliveries as input to deliveries to their customers.

Every supplier has a relationship to the customer’s customer. It is there even if it is indirect and not recognized. Many products pass through several stages before they reach the user.

Who is the customer and whose needs and specifications should be satisfied?
The dilemma has been expressed in the following way: ‘It is also possible that the properties sought by the customer may not be the same, or may even be at odds with those properties required by the user further downstream. In this respect the injunction to match the product not only to the needs of the immediate client, but also to those of the user further downstream is worth recording even if this is difficult to achieve in practice.
Sometimes a new product may be neutral to the intermediary, but of special value to the user. Should a supplier then turn directly to the user? This may seem rational but at the same time it means a disturbance in the relationships to the middlemen, who feel that their positions are threatened. The intermediaries in turn may protect their business by withholding information and blocking personal contact between the manufacturer and the user.

The suppliers can choose their mission to be ‘helping customers to do business with their customers’. They must then understand the customer’s customer.
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