quinta-feira, junho 02, 2011

Para onde foram os escravos? Para onde foi o dumping social?

A economia é um jogo de vasos comunicantes.
"The biggest cause for the price hikes has been the rapid wage inflation in China's factory-heavy coastal region, where labor is in short supply. Worker salaries have almost doubled in the past year, to 2,000 yuan ($308) per month in factories in Guangdong province, the nation's manufacturing hub, according to toymakers attending the fair. "Wages are increasing day by day," says Jimmy Tang, general manager for Chenghai Junfa Toys in Shantou. "If you don't do it, people go somewhere else.""
Trecho retirado de "Toys from China Will Cost More".
Onde estão os batoteiros deste país? Não deixem fugir a oportunidade...

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