domingo, novembro 16, 2008

Cuidado com as generalizações (parte I)

Há quem diga que o problema é por sermos portugueses, há quem proponha que o problema seja da cultura católica.
Acabo de ler o último livro de Kotter "A Sense of Urgency" onde se relatam vários casos de falsa urgência, comandada pela ansiedade e medo, e de complacência na protestante sociedade americana.
True urgency focuses on critical issues, not agendas overstuffed with the “important and the trivial. True urgency is driven by a deep determination to win, not anxiety about losing.”

“When people have a true sense of urgency, they think that action on critical issues is needed now, not eventually, not when it fits easily into a schedule”

“A big reason that a true sense of urgency is rare is that it’s not a natural state of affairs. It has to be created and recreated. In organizations that have survived for a significant period of time, complacency is more likely the norm. Even in organizations that are clearly experiencing serious problems, devastating problems, business-as-usual can survive. Or it can be replaced by hundreds of anxiety-filled, unproductive activities that are mistaken for a real sense of urgency.”

“Complacency is almost always the prduct of success or perceived success. Complacency can live on long after great success has disappeared. Perceptions do not have to be accurate.”

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