segunda-feira, março 31, 2008

Dedicado a todos aqueles...

... que partilham do preconceito chinês: operário chinês = escravo
Recomenda-se a leitura deste artigo "New Challenges for Foreign Producers: ‘China’s Manufacturing Competitiveness Is at Risk’".
Alguns trechos:
"The recent sharp rise in China’s inflation rate sent a fresh wave of concern through the country’s manufacturing community, because even before that, the costs of running a factory in China had been steadily increasing. The consumer price index jumped 8.7% in February, year on year, the biggest increase in almost 12 years."
"“At New Year’s time, the workers went home, compared notes and discussed new opportunities,” says the American owner of a factory in Pudong who asked not to be identified. His factory has 35 employees, most of them from Anhui province. “They came back and dissatisfaction with our wages erupted. Two [men] came in and said, ‘You have to give us more money or we’re going to leave.’ They influenced all the other workers in the factory, who came to us and [issued] an ultimatum [to give] them more money, which we had to do.” Overall, he says, wages have risen 30% to 40% for skilled workers, and almost 50% for unskilled workers, since he opened the factory in mid-2004. Because there is such great China-wide demand for low-level factory workers, unskilled laborers have received bigger increases in pay.""
"The companies surveyed said wages are rising 9% to 10% per year, with the cost of raw materials up more than 7% per year. “China’s manufacturing competitiveness is at risk,”"
Não está na altura de rever esse conceito?
Chinês = português.
Chinês está para o português, asssim como, o português esteve para o operário têxtil alemão ponto.

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