terça-feira, janeiro 29, 2008

Diferenciar, diferenciar, diferenciar...

"... managers who are not market focused often come to the conclusion that there is really no fundamental difference between their offering and that of their competitors. Commoditization, the natural outgrowth of all competitors fighting with the same weapons, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. And commoditization is why so many industrial companies that embraced time-based competition or reengineering may have realized short-term gains but have ended up destroying their industries' profit margins.
Top-level managers need to spend a day in the life of key customers in their distribution chains. There is no substitute for managers' instincts, imagination, and personal knowledge of the market. It should be the essence of corporate strategy."

Trecho retirado de "Spend a Day in the Life of Your Customers", de Francis Gouillart e Frederick Sturdivant, publicado na Harvard Business Review de Janeiro-Fevereiro de 1994.

Quem tiver acesso ao artigo que leia o imperdível "The Tale of Woodbridge Papers", ou preço versus diferenciação

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